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für jedes Problem eines parts in der part list wird ein neuer Kommentar geöffnet
als Zeichen dass ein Problem gelöst ist, schreibt der reviewer am Ende des threads „OK, FINISHED”
folgende Prüfungen werden von den reviewern vorgenommen

  1. Vollständigkeit der part list durch Vergleich mit den Zeichnungen für das gesamte Projekt und den Baugruppen
  2. Vollständigkeit der Angaben auf den technischen Zeichnungen
  3. Plausibilität der Angaben auf den technischen Zeichnungen
  4. Vollständigkeit/Richtigkeit der Angaben für standard parts und buy parts
  5. ausreichende Dimensionierung bzw. Beschaffenheit der parts in Bezug auf ihre Funktionen (Plausibilitätsprüfung, intuitive Prüfung)

Reviewer instructions:

To review a project it’s best practice to start with the assembly instructions: Please go through them thoroughly and make sure all the information to build the entire project is there. This includes:

   • Matching references to the components in the part list
   • The processes to build special parts or connect parts are described well and are easy to follow.
   • And of course please check if everything makes sense to you!

The heart of the reviewing process is the part list. Every part of the project has to be listed here with details that define the part precisely. You can make comments on every part in this list. You should make a comment if:

   • The informtion provided is not enough for uniquely identifiying the part.
       ◦ A link to a vendor is not enough, since links change!
       ◦ If you can not find the buy part on the internet with the information provided?
   • Measurements or other specifiactions are missing in the drawings.
   • Specifications are there but do not make sense, in relation to other parts, to the suroundings, etc...

There are some specific requirements depending on the type of part or assembly:

   • For each mechanical part there have to be at least a correct drawing in PDF and the original CAD-File. ( This is to make sure that people can change the system by themselves. If they have the matching Software.)
   • 3D-printed parts should come with a .stp file, besides the PDF-drawing and the CAD-File
   • PCBs(Printed Circuit Boards):
       ◦ directions of the parts????

If you have any diffculties in understanding or found mistakes please leave a friendly comment at the corresponding part. For issues regarding the whole project there is a extra field in the part list, where you can leave your comments. After the issues are resolved please write a comment ending with: “OK, FINISHED”.

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