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MyNOR - Ein diskret aufgebauter Einplatinencomputer ohne CPU und ALU

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MyNOR - Ein diskret aufgebauter Einplatinencomputer ohne CPU und ALU


Kategorien: Computer, Elektronik,Computer

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Schlüsselbegriffe: CPU, MCU, SBC, ALU, TTL, 74HC, MyNOR, MyCPU, discrete, computer, homebrew

Lizenz: CC BY-SA 4.0

Projektstatus: Aktiv

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Reifegrad des Projektes: produktion / kit

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MyNOR is a single board computer that does not have a CPU. Instead, the CPU consists of discrete logic gates from the 74HC series. This computer also has no ALU. Only a single NOR gate is used to perfom all computations such as addition, subtraction, AND, OR and XOR. This computer is not fast, it is rather slow. MyNOR can only perform 2600 8-bit additions per second, although it is clocked at 4 MHz. This is because everything is done in software. MyNOR has only a 32 kB ROM for program storage, but this is more than enough. The very slim microcode occupies only 9 kB, the remaining 23 kB are used for the application program.

Technische Daten

Technical data of the computer board:
   No CPU or MCU, no ALU, only one discrete NOR gate for computations
   The 8-bit CPU is made of 15 CMOS logic chips, 2 transistors, a ROM and a RAM chip
   additional 4 CMOS logic chips are used to provide digital I/O
   8 kB SRAM for CPU registers, program code and data
   32 kB ROM (OTP EPROM) for microcode and program storage
   64 kB EEPROM for 8 user programs, with auto-boot after power on
   4 MHz CPU clock, can be increased to 8 MHz if chips allow this speed
   The CPU is able of doing up to 2600 8-bit additions per second at 4 MHz CPU clock
   Hardware interrupts (except the non-maskable hardware reset) are not supported
   A stack memory of 256 byte enables nested subroutine calls
   Up to 24 digital outputs and 8 digital inputs with integrated pull-up's
   RS232 interface with 2400 baud @ 4 MHz or 4800 baud @ 8 MHz
   I2C and SPI interfaces to connect peripherals
   Slim microcode architecture with 28 instructions
   The microcode occupies only 9 kB of the ROM, 23 kB are free for the OS
   The Operating System provides lots of useful API functions
   The OS contains a calculator program that can do floating point calculations
   The OS contains a monitor program which allows directly programming MyNOR in assembly
   Software-upload is done via "copy-and-paste" of text-files into the terminal window
   Vintage design that uses only through-hole components on a board with a size of 130x100 mm
   Hardware simulator for Linux and (with limitation) for MS Windows available
   Cross-Assembler for Linux and MS Windows available

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